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Good for your health, save the Bees and the Rain Forest!


Novo Mel´s know-how started well before the company´s foundation in 1994.

Dr. Beatriz Pamplona started researching bees and their products at the University of São Paulo in 1980. In 1989 she finished her Master degree and, in 1999, she received her PhD , both at the University of São Paulo. During her Master and PhD studies she visited and/or worked in 14 renowned laboratories throughout Europe.

During these 17 years the main goal of Novo Mel was to offer health through innovative technology using honeybee products from the Brazilian flora.

Advanced production technology and strict quality control enables the company to work with luxury hotels, restaurants, drugstores and supermarkets,in Brazil and abroad, in coutries like:

1.United States / 2.China / 3.Canada / 4.France / 5.Angola / 6.Mexico / 7.Egypt

The bee products from Brazil are considered one of the best products in the world.

Draw your own conclusions:

The Brazilian rain forest is known for its variety and therefore our honey has many different flavors (orange, eucalyptus, cashew, sugar cane, capixingui, assa-peixe, velame, etc.)

Brazilian honeys contain no trace of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, radioactivity and other chemicals, because the beehives are placed on remote regions that haveno contact with the industries or intense agriculture.

Brazilian bees (Аpis mellifera scutellata) were africanized and benefit from a strong immunity against several illnesses. They do not require drugs or special treatment, leaving the Brazilian bee products residue free.

Our honey meets the international food production & processing standards: HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), FSSP (Food Safety Standard Program).

Novo Mel has suppliers distributed in different regions of Brazil, which is the reason why we offer so many different honey flavors. Also, Brazil has mainly polyflower or wildflower honeys, due to the vast flower diversity of Brasilian forests.

Besides honey, we offer propolis-based products that are distributed in health food stores and pharmacies. They are antioxidant, used to help cure a cold, and include sprays with flavors of honey, mint, pomegranate, strawberry and lime and ginger and extract of propolis.

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